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Tips to Advertise your Cape May Vacation Rental

Cape May News, Vacation Rental News - admin - June 18, 2019

Keep your listing description updated

Make sure your Cape May listing is updated with the latest information about your rental. Your availability calendar should be updated and correct. Photos should be recent. Renters who review listings want complete information or they will move on to the next listing. Our best performing rentals have listings that are complete and accurate.

Respond to inquiries quickly.

Owners who respond quickly to inquiries are more likely to book their Cape May rental. Why? Renters have already viewed your property and are interested. The faster the response the less likely renters will look elsewhere for a rental.

Photos, Photos, Photo

Photos are the most important element to any listing.

Think about how your photos will be displayed. There should be a flow that helps the potential guest understand which rooms connect where. 

Consider including a detailed floor plan as a photo. 

Use plenty of photos in your listing to maximize its visibility. Studies have shown guests are 80 percent more likely to learn more about a Cape May home when there are more than 20 photos. 

Get reviews

Potential guest read reviews. They want to see what others are saying about your Cape May rental. Reviews can make or break your vacation rental. If you put enough focus on the guest experience, you’ll generate a positive feedback loop that leads to more bookings, and higher occupancy rates. 

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Say No To Service Fees

Cape May News, Vacation Rental News - admin - June 5, 2019

Airbnb is now going to eliminate guest fees for property managers and hotels beginning June 4. What does this mean for the vacation rental market?

The big vacation rental listing services are now moving away from the service fee model where guests are charged a fee to book. The new tactic will be a service fee where the owner of the rental property will pay a percentage fee per rental transaction. This new model will drive more guest business to the sites but may very well backfire with owners. Owners will be less likely to list a rental knowing they now have to pay a percentage of each rental for the “privilege” of listing on a big vacation rental listing service.

What can owners do? Find local vacation rental listing sites that do not charge any service fees at all. and do not charge service fees.

Simply browse our listings and contact the owner directly. Bypass the fees for the same property and save money.

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Tips for Renting a Vacation Home in Cape May.

Cape May News, Vacation Rental News - admin - May 1, 2019

Whats is your Budget?

There are several choices when looking for accommodations in Cape May. Factor in an initial down payment whenever you reserve a rental, plus all household supplies and food you’ll purchase. Will you be eating at restaurants every meal or cooking at your rental? If you’re traveling with a big group, get a consensus from everyone about what household expenses will be shared.


Research the rental before signing an agreement and paying a down payment. Speak with the owner directly. If possible view the rental onsite. Read all reviews posted online.

Read the rental agreement before you sign.

You will be signing a legally binding contract with the homeowner. Read it thoroughly. What is the refund policy? Are pets allowed? Who’s responsible for housekeeping and trash disposal on the last day? What are the check-in times and out times.

Buy Insurance

Some times things can happen in life and you cannot honor your rental agreement. Buy rental insurance to protect yourself against loss. If you become ill many policies will cover your rental payment.

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Tips for Renting a Cape May Vacation Rental

Cape May News, Vacation Rental News - admin - April 11, 2019

We are often asked what is the best way to choose a rental for a vacation in Cape May

Below are a few questions to ask yourself to help choose the perfect rental.

  1. What features do you want in a Cape May rental? A/C, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Yard, Pool, Garage, Front Porch, Roof Deck, Hot Tub, Parking on-site or off-site
  2. Where in Cape May do you want to stay? Beachfront, Oceanview, Near Shopping, Secluded or Bayfront.
  3. Can I bring my pet? Cape May has many Pet Friendly rentals available. Many properties have yards for your dog. Many owners have size requirements for pets.
  4. Do owners rent whole homes? Yes. Many Cape May rentals offer whole house rentals for large families. Some homes will accommodate 20 or more guests. Check to see how much parking they provide as parking can be a challenge in Cape May.
  5. What are some of the best locations to rent in Cape May? The number one destination will always be beachfront. However due to the historic nature of Cape May many renters choose to be in the historic district. Jackson Street is the most centrally located street in town. It overs easy access to the beach and Washington Street Mall.

There are many decisions to make when choosing a vacation rental in Cape May. Our best tip is to take your time and speak with the owners and read reviews. Good luck in finding your perfect Cape May Rental.

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From, Your vacation to the Jersey Shore is about to get more expensive. Blame it on taxes.

Vacation Rental News - admin - February 13, 2019

Heather Adams and her family live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, a five-hour drive from the Jersey Shore. But they’ve been renting the same house in Wildwood one week every summer for the past decade. Until this year.

Adams said the family won’t have their regular place a block from the beach on East Pine Street come July, and they might even skip the Jersey Shore altogether, thanks to a decision by the state to apply taxes and fees totaling 11.625 percent to certain rental properties for the first time this summer season. 

Combine the newly applied tax and fee of $400 for the Adams’ usual rental, with a $400 rent increase the owner was charging, and the resulting $4,300 total cost of the house this summer was simply too high for the Adams family’s budget.

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Tips to Winterize your Cape May Home

Cape May News, Vacation Rental News - admin - January 16, 2019

Every year we hear the horrible news about another home in Cape May that had its pipes freeze and break. The damage is usually very bad when a pipe bursts.

Here a few tips to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Leave your heat on. Do not turn your heat off. Set your heat to a temperature that you feel will protect your home from freezing.

Install wi-fi enabled thermostats to allow you to adjust your heat according to the weather. You will save money and gain peace of mind knowing your heat is set to a proper temperature.

Have your property inspected during the off-season. If you use a maintenance company have them inspect your home during the cold months.

Leave your faucets dripping. During especially cold snaps many folks recommend leaving your faucets drip slightly. This prevents the water from freezing.

Leave the cabinet doors open on your vanities and kitchen sink cabinets. This allows warm room air to warm your pipes under the cabinets.

Make sure all windows and storm windows are shut and locked

Use heat tape on pipes in your crawl space areas where your pipes are more susceptible to freezing.

cape may rentals

cape may house rentals

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Tips for Cape May Pet Friendly Rental Owners and Guests

Cape May News, Vacation Rental News - admin - January 10, 2019

Tips for Cape May Pet Friendly Rental Owners and Guests

Cape May is a pet friendly town. Take a walk around town and you will see many pet owners walking their dogs. One of the joys of a walking a dog is meeting new friends along the way.

Things to consider when renting to guests with pets.

  1. How Many Pets?— What is the limit on the number of pets you will allow in your property.
  2. Type of Pets allowed– Dogs, Cats, Birds?
  3. Size Restrictions — Many owners set a size restriction on pets. Often condo associations that do allow pets will set a weight restriction of up to 30 to 40 pounds. Check with your insurance to see if your policy will allow pet rentals and determine restrictions that the policy may have.
  4. Housebroken — Do you rent to puppies who may not be house broken?
  5. Furniture — Owners should ask guest to bring a pet bed if possible. This will hopefully keep pets off of your furniture.
  6. Pet Cleanup — Owners must have rules regarding cleanup and disposal of pet waste.
  7. Leash Policy — Always require a leash. Pets should not be unleashed outside of your property.

Things to consider when choosing a pet friendly rental in Cape May.

  1. Fenced Yard
    Does the property have a fenced in yard.
  2. Near Dog Parks – Is the rental near a dog park.
  3. Extra Fees – Are there any extra fees for bringing pet
  4. Beach Access – What beaches are pet friendly

For more information please consider reading:

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Cape May rentals

Cape May house rentals

Cape May pet friendly rentals

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Owning and Marketing a Rental in Cape May

Cape May News, Vacation Rental News - admin - January 4, 2019

cape may rentals

A Guide to Owning and Marketing a Vacation Rental in Cape May

Get to Know the Area

In order to market your home in Cape May, homeowners definitely need to familiarize themselves with the area.

First things first, it’s important to understand just how much the cities and state invest in this area. Cape May generates a lot of revenue and the revenue is being used to update much of Cape Mays business district. Tax dollars are being spent in the business district and this is important to any owner of rental property in Cape May. The better the historic business district looks the more likely travelers will make Cape May a destination.

While its true that the Jersey Shore is seasonal in many ways, Cape May is different. Cape May is now a year-round destination. Things slow down in January and February but pick right up with the first blooms of spring. This makes Cape May an excellent investment for vacation rental owners.

What rents in Cape May, West and North Cape May?

Cape May has several different types of rentals:

House rentals: There is a huge demand for Cape May House rentals. Many families come back year after year to the same house rental. House rentals often offer a more affordable way for large families to vacation together.

Condo rentals: Cape May condo rentals are located throughout Cape May. Many condos are located in some of the most historic buildings converted for condo use.

Cottage rentals: Cape May is know for some of the most charming classic seaside cottages on the coast.

Pet friendly rentals: Travelers today want to bring their pets on vacation. Cape May has some wonderful pet friendly rentals with large yards for your dogs

Rentals with a pool: Yes we even have pools!

What location to buy in Cape May?

There are many beautiful places to own a rental in Cape May. If you’re looking to rent as much as possible, the beachfront properties will always be in high demand especially close to the historic district. The Washington Street Mall is the central business district in Cape May. Many rentals are near the mall. Many travelers prefer the convenience of being near the mall area. Rentals in this area tend to charge more than further out. The general rule in any coastal location is that the closer to water the higher the rent. This also holds true in Cape May. However some of the most expensive rental properties are the large homes located throughout Cape May. Many have recently been converted from B&Bs to whole house rentals.

How do I rent my property?

Many owners either list with a realtor or rent on their own. There are many realtors in town that offer vacation rentals. For owners who choose to save money and have more control over screening occupants, the rent by owner option is best.

The best way to market a Cape May rental is to list your rental locally on Cape May Vacation Rentals offers owners the ability to list their rental and deal directly with travelers who inquire about their rental. Other options are national listing sites like VRBO and Homeaway. However these sites charge travelers service fees.

Rental Taxes

New Jersey has now passed a law that requires owners of Cape May rentals to collect tax. Owners will now be charging a tax of up to 13.625% on top of their base rental rate. For more details please visit the New Jersey Division of Taxation.

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Cape May House Rentals

Cape May News, Vacation Rental News - admin - December 29, 2018

Cape May House Rentals

There are many different options for choosing the right Cape May rental for your vacation. One favorite for travelers is the whole house rental.

In Cape May there are many different house rentals to choose from. offers some of the finest house rentals available in Cape May. Whole house rentals are located throughout Cape May. Many homes are very large and can comfortably accommodate 20 or more guests. Guests can find that house rentals are a more affordable alternative for large families. They can share cost by paying for one or more bedrooms.

Below is a list of some of our premier Cape May House Rentals:

Queen Street Cottage

Neptunes Lair

Cove Haven

Cape May Point Cottage

Katies Cape May Sun Cottage

The Breakers

If you are looking for a Cape May house rental check out all of our house rentals at

Cape May home rentals

Pet friendly rentals in Cape May

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Cape May MAC Trolley Tours 2019

Cape May News, Vacation Rental News - admin - December 6, 2018

 Cape May MAC Trolley Tours 2019

Looking for a great way to see Cape May. Take one of MAC’s cheery red trolleys and take a guided tour the easy and comfortable way. Knowledgeable guides will tell you everything you want to know about America’s first seaside resort. Victorian heritage is on display with our seashore and maritime history and more. Trolley tours are perfect for every age, too, with a variety of tours especially geared to the younger set, and themed tours for holidays and special events.


Get acquainted with Cape May on a trolley tour.  Knowledgeable guides present entertaining and educational stories about the nation’s oldest seashore resort. Tours begin and end at the Washington Street Mall Information Booth.


Take a guided trolley tour of Cape May’s Historic District.  Then take a guided tour of Cape May’s only Victorian house museum, the Emlen Physick Estate. The estate is located at 1048 Washington Street. Combination Trolley/Physick Estate Tours last about 2 hours. Admission includes the Carriage House Gallery at the Physick Estate.


MAC Trolley Tours

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